That Time I Tried to win a Logie Award

Yes, one time I tried to win a Logie Award. I was not on TV at the time, I had no right or reason to win a Logie Award. But I did it anyway. It went like this.

One day I wrote a fictional article about my attempts to win a Logie Award. The article was about Day One of a campaign I was going to run:

‘My name is Andrew Hutchinson. I want to win a Logie Award. I have no television experience or actual acting ability. I have however, discovered a loop hole in the Logie Awards process which stipulates that they are based on public opinion, not ability (like we didn’t know that already), so my plan is to campaign for a Logie election-style, get the people behind me and triumph over the well and not so well known names of the Australian small screen. “But Andrew”, I hear you say, “why would people vote for you? How will you garner these pledges, get people to join your cause? How do you have the time to waste on this?”

Everyone has a dream, and I believe the people of Australia want a real person to win, a genuine no-namer. An underdog. And I plan to do ANYTHING for the votes.

You can read the whole article here.

I sent this article to a website I’d come across called Work in Progress, which was run by two creative types looking to publish new work. This fitted into what they were after – a work in progress, so I sent it through. The detail I didn’t clarify, I didn’t note this was fiction. The guys loved it, but they were under the impression that it was real and when they asked me if this really happened, what could I say? ‘Of course it did’.

This lead to more articles (Day Two, Day Three), and, in a pretty big surprise, media coverage – below from The Sydney Morning Herald, including TV Week’s response, published the next day and, bottom right, a piece from MX:


So it got pretty big, pretty quick and I started to get nervous, because none of this stuff was actually happening. The website set up a contact form where people could put down a challenge for me to do to win their Logie votes and we had a heap of people sign up. I was interviewed on several radio shows, I got onto the Logies ‘Black List’ (after the newspaper article in the SMH, TV Week contacted them (in image above) and told them I didn’t have an ice cube’s chance in hell of winning and were, apparently, pretty annoyed that I was making a mockery of their Awards – see ‘Conversations with TV Week’), things were all moving quick. Then the TV guys started calling.

We got a call from a TV producer who wanted to make a comedy show. He said he had a few known comedians keen and wanted to add the Logie Quest, and other comedy work of mine, to the show.  This was pretty amazing, and of course, I was down for anything. Then ABC TV called, leading to the above video. The main issue with this one was now I would actually have to do all these things, for real. I was extremely nervious, a camera crew followed me around Federation Square for hours to get this footage, but it turned out okay. They then took me to the Logie Awards (‘How I Walked the Red Carpet at the TV Week Logie Awards’) – which was hilarious. Because I was on the ‘Black List’, they couldn’t list me as the talent, so I had to be listed as part of the crew, and one of the ABC TV chiefs at the time really didn’t want to upset TV Week, so he was totally against them taking me, so we were on some covert mission, very funny. Very nerve wracking also, but the people I worked with were excellent, Shelley Horton and Edwina  Throsby were both great.

After the TV show, I kept going back and forth with the producer about the comedy show for a while, then he moved to the US to work on a kids show and by that time it was a few months later and the initial buzz was gone. I also wanted to write serious fiction and was concerned that if I kept doing this it might hurt my reputation and work against that, so I just stopped. The website closed down about a year later, I never heard anything else from the producer. Then it was a just a cool story about that time I went to the Logie Awards and got on TV for being an idiot. And this picture of me standing outside Flinder’s Street Station in my underpants.



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