Click on any of the below images for a brief summary on how these things have influenced my writing…

Dead ManPunch Drunk LoveA Room for Romeo BrassDead Man's ShoesGhost DogThe New WorldZero EffectMudNo Country for Old MenBlack SwanCast AwayUnfaithfulBeing John MalkovichEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mindhackersgreen streetenemy200midnight200TheSignal_DVD200arrival200

Fight ClubThe ComaRemainderReasons to LiveJesus SonThe RoadThe Life of PiThe Curious incident of the Dog in the Night-timeTrainspottingMorvern CallarDrownThe Ice at the Bottom of the World

CrewdsonBanksyMezzRayChoeSkullThe StreetsIversonLeftfieldinstramentalchristosWouterupOmarlostSaul WilliamsportisheadCunningham


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