Aspiring writers always want to know what they have to do to become an author. The hard part is, there’s no definitive answer to this question. This is why there’s recurring debates about the merits of writing courses – there’s no one way to becoming an author or a journalist or a writer, no certain right or wrong way to go about it. The best you can do is to research and to the experiences of as many writers as you can, learn how they went about it from start to finish, then take bits and pieces and apply them to your own work. In that vein, I thought it may be of interest to aspiring writers to know about the influences and processes I followed when writing my first novel, Rohypnol. I’ve broken down the process into four segments and summarised the major events in the links below.

Roh_070817011924103_wideweb__300x483Rohypnol_Cover_109Rohypnol_Cover_106Rohypnol german

Part I: Influences and notes

Part II: Writing Process

Part III: Mentorships/Writing Courses?

Part IV: Published



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