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Facebook Listening 2

Are Your Everyday Conversations the Next Frontier for Big Data?

Facebook has announced a new option to transcribe speech to text in Messenger. While the addition in itself may seem something of a novelty, it signals, once again, Facebook’s intention to move into audio translation, which could have major implications for the future of the social giant.




Facebook Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

A new Cambridge/Stanford study has found Facebook data may be able to better ascertain a person’s personality and preferences than their friends, family – even their partners. This, once again, highlights the power of social media data – if social data can understand who a person is, surely that same info can be used to determine who your target customers are, what they want, and how best to reach them.





Twitter Video

3 Notes on Video Marketing on Social Media in 2015

Video content is where it’s at in 2015. Video is what gets engagement and shares. You need to be posting videos if you want any reach.




2015Three Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015

With another year almost gone and a new one heading right for us, many are taking a break and reflecting on the events of 2014. While you do that, here’s a list of three key digital marketing trends that will likely play a part in your strategic planning for next year.




A Simple Step Towards Using Social Media for Social Good

One of the greatest opportunities of the connected era is exactly that – that we’re all connected. There are more ways than ever to get in touch with like-minded folk and join communities of relevance to your personal interests. But how do we maximise social media for social good?






FocussedFrom Broadcast to Focussed – The Paradigm Shift of the Connected Era

It’s difficult to fathom what the advent of social media and big data will mean for marketing focus and individual targeting. The ways in which we’ve traditionally broadcast messages are being overtaken by new options, increased abilities to locate and communicate with relevant audiences – the bigger challenge is likely to be shifting established mindsets and breaking people out of how they’ve always done things.



leaders11 Social Media Types You Should be Following in 2015

There’s some great social media experts out there, people who are providing great information every day, through their own blogging efforts, content creation or just through their presence and seeing how they do what they do.




The Relative Calm in the Eye of the Social Media Storm

Businesses don’t absolutely need to be utilising social media yet, right? There’s still plenty of marketing and communications methods that work, not everyone’s on social. Right?

6 Reasons to Avoid Social Media Marketing – and Why They Might be Flawed

We’ve all read the stats, the data, we all know that social media is a growing communications channel, and that it’s likely to become more and more relevant for business’ over time. But there are still many who don’t see it that way, there’re many who see social media as little more than a distraction or fad.


It’s Never ‘Just Business’ in the Social Media Era

It’s just business. Dollars and cents, profit and loss. In truth, nothing could be further from the reality – business is always personal. And now, with the advent of social media putting more emphasis on the individual, the ethos of ‘it’s just business’ is more out-dated than ever.




Twitter and IBM, Facebook and Tor – Two Announcements with Major Possibilities

There were two significant announcements in the social media world last week, both of which could have major implications in the long term. How major?





Making Sense of the Social Media Data Flood

With so much hype around social media and it’s importance for business, it’s understandable that some might be put off. Is it just hype? Is social media worth the investment for your business?





What Does a Lack of Social Media Presence Say About Your Brand?

Recently, a friend of mine tweeted his displeasure at the latest Apple iOS8 changes. My first thought was: ‘Apple will never see that – they don’t have a Twitter profile’. My second thought: ‘By not having a profile, Apple are kinda’ saying they don’t care what their customers think’.



Why Ello is not The End of Facebook – And Other Social Media Tales

‘Ello’ is the name on everyone’s cursor tips in the social media world. The new platform is getting a heap of attention for it’s non-commercial approach – but can it realistically challenge Facebook or other big players in the market?




LinkedIn Tree

What I’ve Learned from 40 LinkedIn Publishing Posts

Earlier this year, LinkedIn opened up long-form content posting on it’s platform to all users, an extension it’s popular Influencer’s program. I’ve been posting on the platform regularly, testing what works, what’s getting better reach, engagement, etc. After 40 posts on LI, here’s what I’ve found so far…





There’s no Magic Pill for Social Media Success

Automation is hugely beneficial in social media. Used well, it can free up time to work on other tasks, like data analysis, enabling you to measure and improve your efforts. But there are some things that cannot be automated.






Demographics are Dead: Welcome to the World of Individual Targeting

As social media adoption increases the amount of consumer data we have access to, it continues to put more onus on marketers to improve and evolve methods of consumer targeting and reach. The traditional use of wide-bracket demographics is no longer the most effective practice – we need to embrace the information we have and move towards individual marketing, connecting based on each person’s individual preferences.



Social Media Terminology – New Terms You Need to Know

Terminology can be something of a barrier in social media. There’s so many new words, you can sometimes get lost in what’s what and how to use them. In this (light hearted) piece, I look at some of the latest social media terms you need to be aware of.




Three Steps to Assess Your Potential Audience on Social Media and How to Connect with Them

While many businesses are seeing solid return on investment in social media, some of those are large corporates who have dedicated resources managing their social presence. This makes it hard for smaller businesses to compare and understand what they’ll see if they invest more time in social.


The Most Important Person in Your Social Media Team

Who is the most important person on your social media team? Your strategist? Your content creator? Your SEO expert? In actual fact, it’s none of these…


Five Lessons to Take from Some of Twitter’s Biggest Brand Fails

Twitter is an amazing tool for connecting with a wider audience. It’s real-time, it’s connected, people are always listening in. And while that can be utilised to share your voice and message, it can also work against you…


The Power of Human to Human (H2H) Connection in Social Media

‘Social media is more about sociology than it is technology’ – Brian Solis




5 whys

Focus Your Content by Asking the Five Whys

he Five Whys is a process developed by Harvard researchers which helps brands establish the core purpose of their brand. More than just what you do, the process aims to define a brand’s purpose in the consumer’s world. From a content marketing perspective, this can be a very valuable tool, as it gives focus and consistency to your efforts.








HS vs Buffer

Hootsuite or Buffer: Which Should You Use?

Both are well-known, both are solid scheduling tools – but which is best for you?





You Call Yourself What? Changing Job Titles in Social Media

As social media has become more integrated into business process, this has also necessitated the creation of new job titles. But are the current social media position titles an accurate representation of what people do? What are the pros and cons of calling your self a social media ‘guru’ or ‘jedi’? Should position titles be as progressive as the industry they represent?



The Future of Social Media, As Reflected by Data

Social media is fast becoming an integral part of how we interact. This is most clearly evident in youth demographics, where social media usage rates are generally above 75%. In this piece, I look at some of the latest trends and figures and what they mean for the future of social business.


Three Important Elements in Building Your Brand Through Social Media

One of the key elements that the expanded relevance of social media enables is building a solid, reliable and helpful brand presence. Here are three key elements to help achieve that goal.


The Benefits of Quality Content and Genuine Social Engagement

Quality content is real content with heart, storytelling elements that align with the hopes and aspirations of your target audience. You create it by listening, understanding and being part of your consumer’s world.


Bullies, Trolls and Haters: Dealing with Negativity on Social Media

If you’re active on social media, you’re going to have to deal with negativity from time to time. But it’s important not to take comments from haters, trolls and bullies to heart – it’s most likely not you, and you don’t want them to shift you away from your own goals.



Google+_screenshotTo Google+ or Not to Google+, That is the Question

Should you invest time in Google+ when it’s future is in question? Is it’s future actually in question at all?




What I’ve Learned from my First 20 LinkedIn Publishing Platform Posts

By now you’ve heard about LinkedIn’s publishing platform, giving all users access to post blogs on the platform. Have you used it yet? Thinking about what the benefits might be? In this new post on, of course, LinkedIn, I detail what I’ve learned from my initial experiences on the platform, and how you can get the best out of it.


The State of Social Media in Australia – 2014

Yellow Pages Australia recently released the 2014 Yellow Social Media Report, looking at the state of social media in Australia. There’s some great insights, a really good overview of take-up and adoption of social platforms in Australia.


The Thing About Viral Content…

Ever heard someone suggest you make a viral video? Ever seen people put ‘viral video’ in their marketing plan? The thing with ‘viral’ content is that by it’s nature, it’s unpredictable, you can’t plan for it. Focussing on creating ‘great’ content, based on knowledge and analytics, is a much better plan of attack.


Why Brands Can’t Afford to Ignore Twitter

Everyday, more businesses are accepting the fact that they need to utilise social media – the next generation of consumers are already there, and they expect brands to be listening. To not be active on social will eventually be akin to not existing at all for many in the marketplace.


The Importance of Keeping the End Goal in Sight in Social Media Strategic Planning

Relationships are the Roads, Data is the Map, Profit is the Destination…




Is Facebook Still Useful as a Marketing Tool?

Facebook announced a new algorithm update last week. While the focus of the update was third party apps that post on behalf of users, the announcement again underlined that marketers are at the mercy of the network. So is it worth investing time in Facebook for marketing, given they can change the rules at any time?


Four Notes to Help Improve the Quality of Your Blog Writing

Reading through various blogs each day, sometimes you’ll come across posts that are never going to get the attention they deserve. Sometimes you’ll find a really well-researched piece, written by a professional who clearly knows his/her field, but it’s not getting any traction purely because of the way it’s written – the sentences are slowed by unnecessary adverbs, points are weakened by laboured language.


The Media is Evolving – Are You Tuned-In to the Right Sources?

The recent Facebook versus the media battle highlighted how the media is changing. The news cycle is driven by click through rates, news content is becoming more about gossip and entertainment to maintain clicks, and the major outlets may no longer be the ones you should be listening to.


A Guide to ‘Triple A’ Content Marketing Success

With everyone emphasizing the importance of quality content, the issue some people face is working out what ‘quality’ means. The key to great content is knowing your audience…


The EU, Google and People’s Right to Suppress Digital History

The EU recently ruled that individuals, in certain circumstances, have the right to have search engine results about them removed, if those results might impede future opportunities. Should these people be allowed to remove these historical notes, or is it in the public interest that this content remain linked to their name? How will this impact Google and, more importantly, internet freedom?


Twitter’s New Mute Option and the Impacts on Brand Reach

In early 2014, Twitter introduced a new ‘mute’ feature – so what is it? How does it work? And what will it mean for brand reach?


Are You Ready to Drink the Social Media Kool-Aid?

There’s a lot of hype about social media and the possibilities of the various mediums. But is it all just that – hype?


One Thing That’s Certain in Social Media – Change is Constant

With speculation about possible changes to social networks, and the aftershock of Facebook’s News Feed changes still present in the minds of many, the one thing we need to keep in mind is that change is going to happen.



3 Ways to Use BuzzSumo to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Efforts 

BuzzSumo is a powerful and helpful tool that will help you find what to blog about, who to get in contact with and what’s working for your competitors.



Facebook @ Work – Will it Work?

Facebook has announced a new version for professional use, titled Facebook@Work – but will it work?









Three Ways to Connect with Potential Clients via Twitter

You’re active on social media – you’ve set up your blog, crafted your profiles, written great cornerstone content and optimised everything in line with best practise principles. Now you need people to connect. And not just any people, you need to reach a specific group – your potential clients.







Why All Brands Should be Monitoring Social Media

While it’s not a well-known industry, media monitoring has been utilised by big brands and government organisations for years. Now, anyone can monitor the media – and you should be.

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