Social Media and Digital Marketing Assessment and Advice

If you’re not active on social media, or considering becoming active on social, you should be. Consumer habits are changing, the very way in which people communicate has evolved rapidly over the last decade.

shiftWhat once may have been seen as a fad has now become a crucial medium, and businesses, of all forms need to take note – people are having conversations about your brand and industry online, whether you’re listening to them or not.

So where do you start?

What platforms should you be active on? What’s the best way for you to maximise social media? I can help with this. A career in media monitoring and communications has taught me the importance of tracking brand mentions and knowing the impact of conversations, and a dedication to remaining on top of media trends and changes has put me at the forefront of the social media shift. I can help you work out the where, why and how of social for your brand and show you the best techniques to maximise the available time you have in order to boost your social media presence.

Example of adh social media assessment report

The key thing with social media and digital marketing is that it’s all case-by-case – what works for one brand won’t necessarily work for another. I’ll go through your online presence and give you an assessment of where you’re at, what your competitors are doing, and where your best opportunities lie, all tailored to your specific requirements. From this, I’ll highlight where your social focus should be and what’ll work for you, within your means and budget – to help you achieve great results.

If you’re interested in learning more about social media and the possibilities of social media marketing, get in touch via the contact form below or send me an e-mail – andrew[at] I’ll take a look at your presence and advise on what I can do to help improve and maximise your social media efforts. Even if you just have a basic question, let me know and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

There’s a heap of opportunities in social – I’ll help you find out what you can realistically achieve online.



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