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Content has become the thing in modern marketing. It’s content that gets you noticed, content that converts visitors into customers, content that cuts through and builds your brand. But these days, everyone’s on the content marketing bandwagon – check out this graph of the rise in Google searches for ‘content marketing’:

Content Marketing Australia

Increasingly, consumers are being bombarded with content, making them more resistant, more hesitant to click on each and every link. The way to combat this is to provide not just ‘good’ content, but ‘great’ material. Content that reaches your audience where they want to be reached, that answers the questions they want to know about. You need content that compels sharing, that makes people sit up and take notice. To provide this, you need a writer who’s not only able to write outstanding, magazine quality, content, but one who knows how to determine what your audience wants from your brand.

This is where I can help.

Like Bryan Mills from ‘Taken’, ‘I have a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a long career’. Utilising those skills, I can help you make sense of your social media communities and produce high-quality, shareable content to best represent and benefit your business.

What are those skills?

* I’m an award-winning author and blogger, with one internationally published novel and hundreds of works in circulation

* I worked in media monitoring for 11 years, helping clients locate, evaluate and action media mentions across broadcast, print and digital mediums – I know how to find and contextualize relevant discussion points across all forms of media

* I’m a highly regarded blogger in the social media and content marketing communities, with posts regularly appearing on the world’s biggest social media news websites, generating thousands of shares. I specialise in these topics and can provide high-level material across the spectrum of digital marketing

These are the skills I utilise in analysing, assessing and assisting with your communications and content strategies. This is how I go about creating valuable, attention-grabbing content for your business. I know how to locate the message amongst the noise of social platforms. I know how to find where your audience is at and what they’re interested in. And I know how to communicate to reach specific needs.


I generally work on a fixed rate (as opposed to per word) so there are no surprises. This ensures you know what you’re going to be charged while allowing me to fully explore the subject without the constraints of a specific word limit. My interest is in building on-going, sustainable business, and as such, I stand by my work 100%. If it’s not up to the required standard and you don’t want to use it, you won’t be charged. If you’d like a quote, send me an e-mail with details of what you’re thinking and I’ll do all I can to meet your requirements.

Get in Touch

If you need high-quality content for your business, get in touch – send me an e-mail at andrew[at]; get in touch via Twitter, FacebookGoogle+ or on LinkedIn; or fill out the contact form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I also offer social media and digital marketing assessment and advice.



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