Reflections on a Societal Default to the Negative


Why you? What makes you’re any different? Who do you think you are? Why would they listen to you? How are you gonna’ do that? What do you know about it? You’ll never do it. You’ll never make it. You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. Over your head. Out of your mind. Out of your depth. Do you know how many people are trying to do that? No hope. Not a hope in hell. Hopeless. Hope you’ve got a back-up plan. Hope’s only gonna’ take you so far. You can’t live on hope, you know? Fat chance. Snowball’s chance. Zero chance. Not a chance of that happening. Chances are slim. What are the chances? Honestly though, you don’t have a chance. You can’t. You won’t. Why bother? Why even consider it? Impossible. Unlikely. Doubtful. You’re better off to just forgetting about it. Are you crazy? Don’t get ahead of yourself. Don’t think you’re better than you are. Just leave it. Move on. Give up. Give it away. Let it go. Take a look around you. Take a good, hard look at yourself. Look at your situation. Look at the reality. Reality is. Not in this reality. Face the facts. Face the truth. Honestly. Seriously. Be serious. Be real. Be realistic. Wake up. Wake up to yourself. Open your eyes. Stop dreaming. Really. Why you?

It’s a wonder anyone ever tries anything out of the ordinary.

Time to change your way of thinking.

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