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I’m an internationally published and award-winning author and blogger, with hundreds of works in circulation. My professional career experience is in media monitoring – for more than 12 years I was a key manager in the Asia Pacific region’s largest media intelligence firm, helping clients locate, evaluate and action keyword mentions across all forms of traditional and digital media. My experience in these two fields has given me a unique perspective on social media – coming from a traditional media business, I’ve been able to see the shift that social has caused, the affect it’s had on the wider communications landscape. Like many, I didn’t think it would become as influential as it has, but as it’s shifted, so too have my attentions, and I’ve worked tirelessly to stay on top of growing trends and industry changes in order to understand how businesses can utilise them to best effect.

I’m an established voice in the social media field, with articles regularly published on reputed industry websites like Social Media Today, the HootSuite blog, Firebrand Talent’s ‘Ideas Ignition‘, Business 2 Community,SavvySME and LinkedIn. My pieces have been read and shared through social networks hundreds of thousands of times and have enabled me to establish connections with industry leaders and influencers. My expertise has been recognised in various capacities, including being named as one of the top 100 influencers in Onalytica’s Content Marketing Landscape Report 2014, winning the ‘Words and Writing’ category in the Australian Writers’ Centre Best Australian Blogs 2014 competition and being invited to speak and participate in various social media marketing and industry events.

Complimenting my experience in media monitoring, I’m also an award-winning author, with work published in many books and magazines. My first novel was released by Random House in 2007 with the film rights purchased by Hugh Jackman’s Seed Productions, and I’ve been a speaker at many events, including the Melbourne Writers’ Festival.

My experience in both writing and media monitoring gives me a unique perspective on how to best utilize social media. I’ve worked with companies for years on media management and monitoring brand messages. I’ve learned how to write for specific audiences and the benefits of engagement through content. And I’ve established myself as an industry specialist in social media through my content and consultation efforts. I know how to best use social media, I know how to build your brand and create human connections to share your message.

I’m passionate about helping brands achieve success in the digital landscape. Let me show you how.



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