How Important is it to Grow Your Connections on LinkedIn?

One of the key things you must do when building your LinkedIn profile is make connections. But how many connections do you need to be taken seriously? Should you connect with everyone? And what is a LinkedIn LION?


Social Media, Big Data and Recruiters – What All Jobseekers Need to Know

Around 90% of recruiters now check candidates’ social media presence as part of the acquisition process – how’s your profile looking?


Social media research for job seekers: 5 tips to help you land your perfect job

Did you know you can use social media to find and land your ideal job? here’s how.


Professional Authenticity – Can You be Too Authentic Online?

Authenticity in your online presence is great, but there are some things you should probably keep to yourself…


Social Media Clean-Up for Job Seekers

The ultimate guide to cleaning up your social media presence when looking for a job.


What I’ve Learned from 40 LinkedIn Publisher Posts

Earlier this year, LinkedIn opened up long-form content posting on it’s platform to all users, an extension it’s popular Influencer’s program. I’ve been posting on the platform regularly, testing what works, what’s getting better reach, engagement, etc. After 40 posts on LI, here’s what I’ve found so far…


You Call Yourself What? Changing Job Titles in Social Media

As social media has become more integrated into business process, this has also necessitated the creation of new job titles. But are the current social media position titles an accurate representation of what people do? What are the pros and cons of calling your self a social media ‘guru’ or ‘jedi’? Should position titles be as progressive as the industry they represent?


What I’ve Learned from my First 20 LinkedIn Publishing Platform Posts

By now you’ve heard about LinkedIn’s publishing platform, giving all users access to post blogs on the platform. Have you used it yet? Thinking about what the benefits might be? In this new post on, of course, LinkedIn, I detail what I’ve learned from my initial experiences on the platform, and how you can get the best out of it.


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