With search engine optimisation requirements putting more emphasis on content creation, maintaining an active brand blog is fast becoming a requirement. More than that, the widespread integration of social media into our everyday communications process has made it harder and harder to reach your target audience through traditional marketing means. To build a strong presence online, maintaining a brand blog is critical.

There are several major benefits to maintaining a company blog:

  • The first place people turn to when they’re researching a product or service is Google, making it crucial to get on the first page of the Google results for the keywords people would use to search for your business offerings. In fact, if you don’t appear on the first page of the Google’s results, there’s only a 10% chance people are going to click on your page at all. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) must be a critical component of your marketing strategy
  • The most crucial elements of SEO are quality content (how many people are reading and linking to your page) and keywords – if people aren’t visiting your site regularly to view new content, Google won’t think it’s a high-priority source, and without the keywords, Google has no way of knowing what your site is about. Maintaining a quality blog is one of the best ways to ensure your website remains high in search engine results
  • In the recently published Yellow Report, looking at the state of social media in Australia, the statistics showed that 77% of internet users in the 30-39 age group read online reviews or blogs as part of their path to purchase. This figure is only going to increase over time
  • Facebook, which now has 1.28 billion active users worldwide, recently turned 10 – this means teenagers on the cusp of adulthood have had social media pretty much as long as they can remember, it’s a more familiar source of information to them than the newspaper or magazines. The best way to reach them? Producing high quality content, specific to their interests. Brand reach comes about from shares and ‘Likes’, so you need to produce something ‘Like’-able to get to them

These are just some of the reasons you need to consider blogging as part of your marketing mix. One of the aspects which stops some business from blogging, however, is lack of writing skill or blog knowledge. Some people know what they’d like to say, but don’t have the writing ability to present it in it’s best form. For this, you may need a professional writer, or at least, someone to come in and go over the basics, answer any questions, etc.

In my time as a professional writer, I’ve done a bit of everything:

– My debut novel,  published by Random House, won the Victorian Premiers’ Literary Award and the Canberra Critics’ Circle Award

– I was commissioned by Hugh Jackman’s Seed Productions to write the screenplay for the film adaptation of my book

– I’ve had more than 50 short fiction pieces published in various journals and publications

– I’ve had various non-fiction and review pieces in publications like Men’s Style, Filmink, The Music, Vice Magazine and many others

On top of that, I’m a well-known social media commentator, with content regularly published on various industry blogs, including Social Media Today (arguably the world’s leading social media website), HootSuite‘s blog, Business 2 Community,Socialmediopolis and Firebrand Talent’s highly regarded ‘Ideas Ignition‘ blog, amongst others. My posts regularly generate more than 1, 000 social shares each and  my website (this one you’re on right now) won the ‘Words and Writing’ section of the Australian Writers’ Centre ‘Best Australian Blogs 2014′ Competition.

If you need someone to write for your business, or just someone to come in and discuss what’s possible in blogging and social media, please get in touch.

  • Professional copywriting
  • Content creation
  • Content strategy
  • Blogging/business blogging
  • Editing/refreshing existing content
  • Writing/content training/coaching
  • Writing/content/blogging presentations
  • SEO overview

Send me an e-mail at – andrew@andrewhutchinson.com.au

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