I’m an internationally published and award-winning author and blogger, with hundreds of works in circulation. I was first published in my early teens, I won a short story competition before I was 20, and I’ve gone on to win numerous awards, including the Victorian Premiers’ Literary Award and the Canberra Critics Circle ‘Best Novel of the Year’. My debut novel, ‘Rohypnol’, was published by Random House, both in Australia and internationally. It was reviewed well, and I got the chance to speak at many writers’ festivals and events, including the Melbourne Writers’ Festival and on ABC Radio National’s ‘The Book Show’. The film rights to Rohypnol were optioned by Hugh Jackman’s ‘Seed Productions’, but the movie never quite got made (though it’s an interesting story – happy to share it if you’re interested). My second novel, ‘One’ will be released in 2018.

My professional career experience is in media monitoring – for more than 12 years I was a key operations manager in the Asia Pacific region’s largest media intelligence firm iSentia (formerly Media Monitors), helping clients locate, evaluate and action keyword mentions across all forms of traditional and digital media. Working in media monitoring gave me great oversight of the media and communications industry and taught me the importance of finding the message amidst the noise. From this perspective, I could also see the shift, the impact that social media was having on traditional sources, and when my time at iSentia came to and end, I was determined to learn everything I could about social and how to use social channels to best effect. I read everything. Then I started writing about it. Then people started asking me for advice.  Since then I’ve helped a heap of organisations to better understand and better utilise social media and content marketing strategies.


E-mail me at andrew@socialmediatoday.com or get in touch via the contact form below and I’ll respond ASAP

Or I’m always checking in on Facebook, TwitterPinterest and Google+

Profile photo by Susan Gordon-Brown

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