I’ve been quiet lately, I haven’t written much here (obviously). But there’s a good reason, or a few really, which I hope to have more on soon.

In the meantime, here are some writing type notes that have happened/occurred to me recently.

  • I recently attended the Canberra Writers’ Festival as both a speaker and attendee. Our session (it was me, Jack Heath and Ellen Broad, chaired by Sandra Phillips) felt like it was enjoyable and hopefully conveyed some helpful info – I hadn’t done a panel session in some time, so was good to get out there and speak. Ellen’s research, in particular, was hugely interesting – its non-fiction, so not quite on theme for this blog, but Ellen looks at the ethical application of artificial intelligence. Ellen’s book ‘Made by Humans‘ is definitely worth a look.
  • I also saw Irvine Welsh speak at CWF. I love Trainspotting, less so his subsequent works, but it was interesting to hear the man himself. It did get me thinking about the challenges of framing yourself as a writer, though. For me, Welsh didn’t talk enough about his writing process, but I’m likely not indicative of the broader audience in that regard. Mostly, he told entertaining anecdotes from his life – which makes sense, because he’s Irvine Welsh, the guy who writes about drug-addicts and the hijinks they get up to in their pursuit of the next fix. As such, people probably love hearing those stories – but it must be hard to avoid becoming a parody of yourself in that (which, for the record, I don’t think Welsh has).
  • I’ve recently read ‘The Lace Weaver‘ by Lauren Chater, ‘Census‘ by Jesse Ball, have re-read various books in the style of different projects I’m working on (as I always do/am), and have picked up a couple of new ones to check out – ‘The Ensemble‘ by Aja Gabel and I’m moving through ‘The Mars Room‘ by Rachel Kushner. I’d recommend checking any of these out – all are presented in significantly different styles, but all showcase some great elements of literary function that can help inform your approach.
  • In terms of re-reading books in the style of the project I’m working on, I’ll put together a post about that, and one about the use of social media by authors (being in charge of editorial at Social Media Today, I’ve got a pretty good understanding of this element).

While I don’t have anything specific to report on writing projects right now, I have written more in the last few months than I ever have before, and it’s been great to get back into the process. I have a set writing schedule now established, where I go and write for several hours each day, and it’s working out great so far. Hopefully some interesting things come of it.

I plan to put together some more updates and posts here soon – in the meantime, you can get some slight hints about the projects I’m working from the ‘Work’ menu above, or go here and here.

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