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Today is the culmination of an eleven-year journey in writing my second novel ‘One’. It’s been a massive challenge – as all major writing projects are – but this one has also made me question myself, my ability, and my capacity to reach the levels to which I aspire.

I’ve had to question not only how I write, but why; not only my physical process, but my mental one as well. And most importantly, I’ve had to establish what it is I’m trying to achieve with my writing.

I feel like I’ve moved closer to all these things – whether you can ever meet, or exceed such, is probably an unanswerable question. But I’m very happy with the result, and I hope it connects with readers.

I’m so happy to be finally sharing ‘One’ with a wider audience, and happy to be contributing to the greater literary landscape once again. And I do feel that ‘One’ does that, it contributes something different, something to consider, to entertain as well as provide a point of contemplation and perspective.

Thanks to everyone who’s supported me along the way – and if I can ever answer any questions, drop me an e-mail (details on the ‘About’ page).

You can find more details about ‘One’, including ordering info, here, or check out your local bookstore (in Australia and New Zealand)

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  1. annegreen2013

    Wow … an eleven year journey – admire your fortitude and congratulations. I’m on about year five of my book journey and totally relate to the self-interrogations and doubts you describe!

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