How to Compete with the Tweet Elite

A Guide to Twitter’s inner workings, and how to maximise them


Twitter trolls

Twitter’s Battle Against Online Trolls – A Serious Issue We All Need to Address

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has acknowledged that they need to do more to address on-platform abuse and trolls. This comes after many incidences of harassment and attacks on the micro-blogging giant, and while stamping out such behaviour should definitely be the aim, can Twitter actually enact meaningful change?






Twitter Video


3 Notes on Video Marketing on Social Media in 2015

Video content is where it’s at in 2015. Video is what gets engagement and shares. You need to be posting videos if you want any reach.



leaders11 Social Media Types You Should be Following in 2015

There’s some great social media experts out there, people who are providing great information every day, through their own blogging efforts, content creation or just through their presence and seeing how they do what they do.






Twitter and IBM, Facebook and Tor – Two Announcements with Major Possibilities

There were two significant announcements in the social media world last week, both of which could have major implications in the long term. How major?





What Does a Lack of Social Media Presence Say About Your Brand?

Recently, a friend of mine tweeted his displeasure at the latest Apple iOS8 changes. My first thought was: ‘Apple will never see that – they don’t have a Twitter profile’. My second thought: ‘By not having a profile, Apple are kinda’ saying they don’t care what their customers think’.


Twitter fail

Five Lessons to Take from Twitter’s Biggest Brand Fails

Twitter is an amazing tool for connecting with a wider audience. It’s real-time, it’s connected, people are always listening in. And while that can be utilised to share your voice and message, it can also work against you…








The State of Social Media in Australia – 2014

Yellow Pages Australia recently released the 2014 Yellow Social Media Report, looking at the state of social media in Australia. There’s some great insights, a really good overview of take-up and adoption of social platforms in Australia.



Why Brands Can’t Afford to Ignore Twitter

Everyday, more businesses are accepting the fact that they need to utilise social media – the next generation of consumers are already there, and they expect brands to be listening. To not be active on social will eventually be akin to not existing at all for many in the marketplace.




Twitter’s New Mute Option and the Impacts on Brand Reach

In early 2014, Twitter introduced a new ‘mute’ feature – so what is it? How does it work? And what will it mean for brand reach?






Three Ways to Connect with Potential Clients via Twitter

There’s an array of options for locating and connecting with relevant people on Twitter – here are three ways to do just that…



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