Facebook Listening 2

Are Your Everyday Conversations the Next Frontier for Big Data?

Facebook has announced a new option to transcribe speech to text in Messenger. While the addition in itself may seem something of a novelty, it signals, once again, Facebook’s intention to move into audio translation, which could have major implications for the future of the social giant.




Facebook Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

A new Cambridge/Stanford study has found Facebook data may be able to better ascertain a person’s personality and preferences than their friends, family – even their partners. This, once again, highlights the power of social media data – if social data can understand who a person is, surely that same info can be used to determine who your target customers are, what they want, and how best to reach them.






6 Reasons to Avoid Social Media Marketing – and Why They Might be Flawed

We’ve all read the stats, the data, we all know that social media is a growing communications channel, and that it’s likely to become more and more relevant for business’ over time. But there are still many who don’t see it that way, there’re many who see social media as little more than a distraction or fad.




Twitter and IBM, Facebook and Tor – Two Announcements with Major Possibilities

There were two significant announcements in the social media world last week, both of which could have major implications in the long term. How major?





Why Ello is not The End of Facebook – And Other Social Media Tales

‘Ello’ is the name on everyone’s cursor tips in the social media world. The new platform is getting a heap of attention for it’s non-commercial approach – but can it realistically challenge Facebook or other big players in the market?





There’s no Magic Pill for Social Media Success

Automation is hugely beneficial in social media. Used well, it can free up time to work on other tasks, like data analysis, enabling you to measure and improve your efforts. But there are some things that cannot be automated.






The Future of Social Media, As Reflected by Data

Social media is fast becoming an integral part of how we interact. This is most clearly evident in youth demographics, where social media usage rates are generally above 75%. In this piece, I look at some of the latest trends and figures and what they mean for the future of social business.


The State of Social Media in Australia – 2014

Yellow Pages Australia recently released the 2014 Yellow Social Media Report, looking at the state of social media in Australia. There’s some great insights, a really good overview of take-up and adoption of social platforms in Australia.



Is Facebook Still Useful as a Marketing Tool?

Facebook announced a new algorithm update last week. While the focus of the update was third party apps that post on behalf of users, the announcement again underlined that marketers are at the mercy of the network. So is it worth investing time in Facebook for marketing, given they can change the rules at any time?



The Media is Evolving – Are You Tuned-In to the Right Sources?

The recent Facebook versus the media battle highlighted how the media is changing. The news cycle is driven by click through rates, news content is becoming more about gossip and entertainment to maintain clicks, and the major outlets may no longer be the ones you should be listening to.


Audio Recognition on Facebook, and What it Means for Consumer Data

Brands need to be monitoring, hearing what their target audience is saying. The more you’re listening to your target audience, the better you can work with them to create lasting relationships.



Facebook @ Work – Will it Work?

Facebook has announced a new version for professional use, titled Facebook@Work – but will it work?









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