I know what you’re thinking – ‘here we go, another social media expert’. And I agree – there are so many ‘expert’s and ‘guru’s and ‘ninja’s out there in the modern marketplace that it’s hard to keep up – anyone who’s ever got a couple of re-tweets suddenly proclaims themselves a digital strategy genius and looks to make quick buck. I’m not that. Like that guy from ‘Taken'; ‘I have a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over my career’. Using those skills, I can help you make sense of social media and maximise the opportunities of social to best represent and benefit your business.

What are those skills?

* I worked in media monitoring for 11 years, helping clients locate, evaluate and action media mentions across broadcast, print and digital mediums

* I’m an award-winning author and blogger, with an internationally published novel and hundreds of works in circulation

* I’m a recognized thought leader in social media and content marketing, with my content regularly appearing on some of the world’s biggest social media news websites

These are the skills I utilise in analysing, assessing and advising on your social media presence and digital strategy. I know how to locate the message amongst the noise of social platforms. I know how to find where your audience is at and what they’re interested in. And I know how to communicate to reach specific needs.

If you need a content, writing, or you’re after social media or content marketing guidance or advice, get in touch – send me an e-mail – andrew@andrewhutchinson.com.au, get in touch via Twitter, FacebookGoogle+ or on LinkedIn – or fill out the contact form below. Always keen to help.


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