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Having a strong online presence is a must in modern business. Changes in consumer behaviour and the exponential growth of social media have made it increasingly necessary for brands to highlight their expertise through online content and the establishment of a solid presence within the social media landscape. Without an active digital presence, companies are inevitably going to fall away as the evolving business environment shifts and changes before our eyes – and written content has emerged as the core element in the new path to purchase. And it can’t just be any content, brands need well-written, intelligent material that communicates their purpose and speaks directly to their target audience. The integration of social media has given consumers more control over what they see and hear, they choose which brands they follow and ‘Like’. And you need them to choose you.

Here’s where I can help

I’m an expert writer. I’m an internationally published and award winning author with hundreds of published works. In 2014, I was a winner in the Australian Writers’ Centre ‘Best Australian Blogs‘ competition, further underlining my expertise in this field. I also know the digital landscape. I’ve had more than 60 articles published on reputed social media websites, including Social Media Today (where I’m one of the top contributors), the HootSuite blog, Firebrand Talent’s ‘Ideas Ignition‘ blog and LinkedIn. My social media pieces have been read and shared through social networks hundreds of thousands of times. I have more than eleven years experience working in media monitoring, helping clients locate, evaluate and action keyword mentions across all forms of traditional and digital media and I’ve worked with many small to medium businesses on building their social media presence, helping them understand and maximise the opportunities available to them in this fast-evolving realm.

The key philosophy of my work is:

Attention to detail is the difference between good and great

My goal is to provide the highest quality writing services and intelligent, realistic social media advice to SMBs to help them formulate affordable and sustainable social media strategies that are in-tune with their specific needs. If you have an idea of what you’d like to achieve with your social media and online presence, I can help you get there. Seeking someone to create high quality content, copy or other written materiel? I’m your man.

Hire me

If you have a need for high-quality writing, attention-grabbing blog content or you’re seeking guest submissions for your site, or if you need advice or assistance with anything social media, please get in touch via e-mail, on Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn, or leave a comment below and I’ll advise on what I can do to help. I’m always active online so I’ll get back to you fast – even if you’re not sure of what you need, let me know and we can discuss further.

More info:

Professional Writing Services

Social Media Content and Strategy Services

Click on any of the images below to read my Social Media Today posts.

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